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How You can Benefit from Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a type of security testing used to reveal the vulnerabilities of a company’s security system. You can know if unauthorized attack or malicious activity is possible in your business environment thanks to penetration testing. An anti-virus and a software system have been enough to secure businesses against external attacks for a long time but not anymore especially with the rate things are changing. There are so many important reasons why you should employ penetration testing as the way to test the reliability of your business security. Below are common benefits of penetration testing.

Revealing vulnerabilities in your security system is the first benefits of penetration testing; when you perform a penetration test, you will have a report that shows the vulnerabilities in your system so you know the upgrades to make to improve it. Cyber security attack is a serious threat that has led to decline of millions of business because they did not fix the vulnerabilities in their systems, but thanks to penetration testing, you learn of the real risks your business faces and move ahead to fix them before they think of attacking.

Increase in business continuity is another reason to have penetration testing in your business; a decline or break in business continuity can happen for many reasons chief among them being security loopholes in your system, which can be identified and upgraded thanks to penetration testing. A cyber security attack on a business can have varying effects which sometimes are not limited to the business but also the partners, clients and any other party that is connected with your business.

The longer an intruder gets access to your business the more damage they are likely to do leaving you to count your losses, however, you can know the cyber-defense capability of your system before an attack and know the steps to take to fix it. Loss of trusted customers and serious reputation damages are the two things that should not happen to any business but unfortunately they do happen if you don’t take the necessary steps to ensure your security system is intact which is where penetration testing comes in to help you preserve your company’s image and keep loyal clients.

It often sounds more serious if a third-party professional identifies the weaknesses in your security system and they are more likely to be acted upon which is why you should have a professional do it. Saving remediation costs and reducing downtime is one of the most important benefits of penetration testing; instead of waiting to spend millions of dollars recovering from an attack, you can ensure it does not happen in the first place, so the money can be used for other things. These are the reasons why you should have penetration testing.

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